Friday, August 24, 2012

Bintan - Nirwana

It has been quite a quiet month. i didn't bake much. except for a Chocolate Mango Mousse cake.

What to do with the spare time? GO ON A HOLIDAY!!! haha..well it is just a weekend getaway but but it is the first trip with my dearest girlfriends since College and it was plan waaaaaaaaaaay before.

Since it was a long weekend, due to Hari Raya (a Malay New Year), the girls and I decided to head to Bintan for a relaxing time (Chilling, 'Nuaing', whatever you call it). We booked 2 rooms at Nirwana Resort which got 'upgraded' into a Suite (hmm not sure if it is the right choice to accept the offer in monetary terms but we accepted anyway). So we had a living room with 2 extra single beds prepared - there were 4 of us in total), bedroom with a King (or was it queen) size bed, a spacious bath area (with 2 sinks, a bath tub for soaking - no shower head, a shower area and a shitting toilet area) and a balcony. I think staying in a Suite like this is a much better idea than having 2 rooms as we are able to do everything together without having to move from room to room. It is so FUN!!!

I was responsible for the snacks and this is what I got based on the 'orders' 
Let me tell you...unless you are rich, please bring your own snacks. Seriously!!! SGD7 for a pack of fried fish balls, SGD4 for a pack of random brand potato chips?!!! 

Friend V was responsible for sandwiches to be consumed as lunch before we depart at noon! Nom Nom. Thank you V for the yummy and healthy sandwich! and also thank you V's Mom for the fruits to keep our digestive system working well during the trip :)

Let's check out the Suite shall we?

The brightly lit living room is what you see when you step into the Suite. Beautiful right?!!!

This is the other side of the living room.

Say hello to Mr Ele

Then we see the bedroom..romantic!

The changing area which i didnt mention earlier. And the big spacious shower area.

Check this out! Reversible FLAT LCD screen TV (random note: one of my friend CLL always check upon entering a hotel room. hahaha)

Balcony! that a cat passed by during the night which freaked me out! TT

Not forgetting Stich speaker to get us 'lancing' dancing through the night.

While exploring the resort, we found this!

FYI, we had instant noodles for lunch and went for Spa after that.

Dinner at pasar Oleh Oleh which ermmm I can say is food court standard but restaurant price.

This is some special drink that Friend C ordered which tasted not bad just a tinny bitsy sweet.

I was lucky to have ordered Olive rice n stirred fried chicken which tasted the best out of the dishes my girlfriends ordered. This cost SGD8 btw.

The next day, no picture of the breakfast because they aren't that great. :( We chilled out at the beach and pool before heading back into the room to nap. I love how clear the water in the beach is. So blue and pretty. I was so immersed with its beauty that ermmm oppsie...i didn't take any photos of it. =x I will try to get my hands on the photos at the beach from my gf and post it in the future post. We were lucky with the weather in the sense where when we were out, the sky shone brightly with Mr Sun smiling at us but when we headed indoor, the sky darkened and started to drizzle if not pour without warning. I guess we are blessed. ^^

After lazing around in the pool and beach, we cleaned up and had instant noodles for lunch again, then massage followed by dinner at Nirwana Kelong Restaurant. The best food we had eaten in Bintan. Please remember to make reservation beforehand as we almost couldn't get a table. The pricing is similar to SG. It cost us SGD96 for these 4 dishes including drinks and 2 bowls of rice. They have set dishes for 4 pax which cost SGD148++ but it seems too much for us to finish.

Then we had some fun with lips tattoo on our last night at Bintan!!!!

Then that is the end of the trip :( As usual fun time passes really quick. Before you knew it, it is over. sob sob...

The ferry ride back was quite bad, I felt slightly nauseous and had a bad headache. Probably due to hunger (i didnt had lunch) and ermmm me watching too much drama via my mobile on board. But I reckon the ferry ride contributed partly as well because a little girl was puking badly in the ferry. *green face T.T* So when I got home, I was super hungry. To the point of ermm fainting? hahaha.. I found no human in sight, not a single living thing (except the plants -.-). Hence, I whipped up pasta just to satisfy my growling stomach. Pasta with endame, onions, garlic, cheese and omelette.

Since it was Hari Raya the day before, as usual, I got invited to my one and only 'Malay' friend's (a friend for 12 years and counting. also a neighbour for more than 12 years) house for Hari Raya visiting. These are the yummy food prepared by her mom which I always look forward to. kekeke...The homecook ketupat! Yummy chilli sauce / gravy, etc...<3<3<3!!!
Selamat Hari Raya!


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  1. Yeah, Bintan is an expensive island for holidaying. hee. Therefore, best choice is visit Bintan, visit CLUB MED!!

    Yupz, I think suite also more ex than 2 rooms since there is a living room. Furthermore, like what u said, easier to hv fun together!

    Haha, I love your LCD statement, shall share this blog with our dear fren, CLL!